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Organize your money.

Simple personal finance with future prediction.

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It is hard to keep track of where the money goes. Simply sync your bank accounts, let Predict learn your spending habits and get access to real-time overview of your finances, future prediction, budgeting tools and much more.
Available on iPhone, iPad and Android phones.
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Comfortably on top of it.

Predict puts your spending into perspective. At a glance you know how much you have spent this month and get an idea about your spending in each category. Predict is built to create clear image of the current and future state of your finances. It makes it easy to compare your current situation to past and the future!

New transactions are automatically loaded and categorised, to help us create accurate statistics you can dive into. However deep you want.

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See your future!

Finances can be tricky. Predict is here so that you can always know what to expect.

Predict learns about you and your spending habits and uses this knowledge to help you make better, more responsible decisions. Every month it creates detailed prediction of your future financial situation. And if there are unexpected expenses coming your way, you can always change the automatic prediction and get the most accurate results.

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Let's plan? Let's budget.

Got a remodelling project, vacation or Christmas shopping to do? Make sure you don’t spend more than you would like with Predict budgets.

You can simply create budget for categories and time period to track expenses that fit your criteria. You can also fine-tune your expense tracking by adding any transaction to the budget manually. Predict lets you know how much of your budget is spent and sends you an alert if you get over the planned amount. If you want to be extra cautious you can set a budget overview on the home screen.

And much more.

Auto syncAuto sync

Multiple devices? All changes are synced and backed up in all of them.

Cash transactionsCash transactions

Not everything happens online. Predict supports adding cash transactions and let’s you know how much cash you have.


Predict let’s you know if you exceed the budget you set.


Every new transaction is sorted into a category. You can also create your own categories, as many as you like!

Prediction overridesPrediction overrides

Are there transactions we did not predict? You can always manually change our prediction in any category.


You can use multiple currencies in Predict. We use your preferred currency in statistics.